Gorinto 5th Player Expansion

Allow a 5th player to master the elements! Includes:

  • 1 player mat (blue)
  • 1 score marker (blue)
  • 25 element tiles

  • Full game details: Elements gather energy in unique patterns, challenging you with finding the ideal route to balance and harmony. Can you gain the understanding you need to uncover true elemental wisdom? Click here to purchase the full game.

    $9.99 USD
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    Game Type:
    No. of Players:
    1-4 Players
    Playing Time:
    30-40 Minutes

    An abstract engine-building game

    The five elements; Void, Wind, Fire, Water, and Earth

    Gorinto is a captivating abstract game where you must harness the power of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Void) to build a shrine. You seek balance to earn you the most wisdom, based on a shared pair of goals that changes from game to game. Turns are simple but deep; you simply move a tile from the Path into the Mountain, then collect surrounding tiles based on the collection pattern and the depth of your understanding of that element. Every decision alters the landscape, grows your understanding, and charts your path forward.

    The Gorinto campaign will not have any Stretch Goals. The game will be produced at high quality from the start, and the game system is so tightly designed that added content of the sort that Kickstarter campaigns usually feature (new characters, scenarios, etc) are not really suitable. Gorinto stands strong as a finished project without the need to “stretch” into anything beyond what we are presenting here.

    There are a few Kickstarter Enhancements that will make the Kickstarter Edition of Gorinto more deluxe than the (still gorgeous) version that will go to retail. Scroll down below the Game Elements to see what is special in the Kickstarter Edition!

    • Competitive mode: strive for individual Wisdom
    • Partnership 2 vs. 2 mode: team up with an ally to succeed together
    • “Kitsune” Solo mode (designed with David Turczi)

    Gorinto’s gameplay is simple. On your turn, you choose an element tile from the Path at the edge of the board, and move it on a straight line into the Mountain, stopping wherever you wish. Once the tile is placed, you will use its elemental collection pattern to gather nearby tiles… and the more understanding you have of that element (meaning the more tiles you have previously collected of the moved type), the more tiles you will be able to gather! Each element gathers differently:

    EARTH DIGS DEEP (Gather tiles from beneath the placed tile)

    WATER FLOWS WIDE (Gather tiles horizontally from the placed tile)

    FIRE BURNS HIGH (Gather tiles vertically from the placed tile)

    WIND BLOWS FREELY (Gather tiles orthogonally adjacent to the placed tile)

    VOID SLIPS BETWEEN (Gather tiles diagonally adjacent to the placed tile)

    Your purpose in gathering these tiles is to satisfy the two public and shared Goal cards which are set at the beginning of the game. Each of them describes criteria which will earn you wisdom at the end of each season if your Gorinto is balanced in a certain way. There are also two key elements that will earn you wisdom at game end for gathering a lot of them. Managing these considerations is part of your challenge!

    GOAL CARDS describe how you’ll score at the end of each season. KEY ELEMENT cards grant you 2 points per tile of that type in your Gorinto at the end of the game only.