Rare Roses

A beautiful, highly interactive family game of floral design that will provide hours of fun. Featuring the artwork of Nene Thomas.  

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Rare Roses – Your new favourite family game

The town of Bloomsville is known for its rare rose shops and gardens. However, it is not all rosy. The competition is tight, and the town is full of florists flogging their fanciful floral wares. Are you up to the task?

Family fun buy roses and using them before they die to fill Rare Rose orders

Rare Roses is great for people new to hobby board gaming, and experienced players alike. Multiple victory strategies will provide hours of fun for many different types of players. Each time you play the outcome will be slightly different based on the Rose Buds you draw, the Order Cards you play with, and how they come up. So you can play again and again.

Game Credits

Game Design: Rocky Heckman Feature Artist: Nene Thomas Technical Artist : Leith Walton